Boudoir Party

50.00 per person

Occasionally, women would like to have a boudoir session, but they don’t want to do it alone.
Some people just do things better when they have their partners in crime with them.
This is the beauty of a boudoir party.
They allow you to take part in an intimate form of photography with without the fear of doing it alone.
It’s also, a great bonding experience for you and your closest girlfriends.

  1. A party requires a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 6
  2. Each person attending pays €30 or €50 + a makeup artist cost (at a reduced price) paid directly to artist on the day
  3. The boudoir photo session is of 30(€30) or 60(€50)minutes.
  4. From the shoot each person would get 20+ raw non post-processed pics in digital format with 5 or 10 of which are chosen by yourself, and post-processed which will be supplied in digital format.
  5. Each party is have a complementary bottle of champagne (Legal age of 21 applied!)
  6. On request, a delicious home-made chocolate or fruit Pavlova can be provided, (which can be gluten free, if asked for), made with a sugar having stevia (resulting in 25% less fat than normal)
  7. If the event will be to celebrate a birthday party, a delicious chocolate cake can be made (instead of the Pavlova)
  8. Each girl will have their makeup done at a reduced price of €15 for a standard makeup artist or €30 for an artistic makeup artist.
    The makeup artist payment is separate from the booking payment.
  9. The background used can be regular White, Black or coloured (Yellow, Red or Blue).
  10. 15-30 minutes extra photo time would be provided so all women would have photos taken together in the studio .
  11. Portfolio Discount Note: The photos that would be chosen for my portfolios would only come from the pics selected by you. The portfolio chosen pics would require an email confirmation from you. Certain pics, when chosen can be noted that they should be kept private and would not be selected for use in my portfolio.

More details about the boudoir party package can be seen here >.

Portfolio Discount Note: The photos that would be chosen for my portfolio would only come from the pics selected by you and for the portfolio chosen pics, a confirmation from you would be requested.

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