Portrait Session Information


The Start

Portrait photograph sessions always start with a short meeting, where I learn about you and the reasons. I will also ask questions and say things to bring out the character you would like to give in you photos. The information provided here about Portraits, is also applicable for Couple Portraits and family portraits.

For Couple Portraits a session will also start by meeting the couple so I get to know them. Of course, meeting the whole family in the case of Family or Group portraits is a bit difficult, so in the case of Family Portraits, meeting with the parents would be enough and meeting with the main person in a group is also good enough.

If a pet is involved, a meeting with him or her isn’t necessary before the shoot, but on the day a few minutes before the shoot it would be very beneficial for the animal to get to know me and realise that I love them and they will also need to get used to the sound of my camera taking a photo. Having a dog jumping up in fright or raising its fur spiky and growling at me isn’t fun at all for me.

What will you do with the images?

When I receive a call or request for a photo session, that I know the images purpose is quite important. It’s quite funny that very often, people haven’t thought about how the end products from a photo session will be used. They just know that they would like a recording of themselves at a certain place or as a document of them at a certain event. What they will do with the end products generally hasn’t been thought about. However, knowing how the photos will be used strongly influences how the photos are taken and the end product created.

The exception here would be for Work head-shots and the main reason, such head-shots are taken would be for use for a company’s profile. The reason why however might change and what you would like to portray in the photo will make a big difference. This is most important for actor head-shots as sometime the actor would like to portray a particular character.

There are two main distinctive uses of images. The first is that they would be used as home decor where they will be framed and hung on a wall. In such cases, the environment plays an important part of where the photo would be taken. The second instance is where the pics, tell a story about certain people, sometimes at a certain place and/or time (like maternity portraits). Such photos commonly portray the emotion the person (or people had) when the photo was taken.


The Location

Where the photos will be taken is one of the main topics covered when a client or potential client is met and a session is discussed. Before the location can be considered, the reason why the photos will be taken and what the client would like to do with them plays an important role. Very often the location of where the image will be placed at home will make a difference of the location colors. Like sea color (blue or blue green) or trees (mainly green).
However, one that would be understood would be if the client would not like to travel around Malta or have the photos taken in the studio. And if the background is important to keep or if some fine-art editing would be preferred and it would be like the photos were taken at a particular location. For example, a couple portrait was taken in a public garden in Mosta, but for the final pic, a woods background was preferred which was done.


What to expect from a portrait session?

When the portraits are taken at any external location, two hours before sunset is the most preferred time. Although pics around mid-day or in the morning were also taken as the time is usually set by the client.Most sessions last about 40 minutes to an hour. Time taken depends on location chosen and how much time is spent scouting the desired location. As even if the location is well know to me, I would still need to find an adequate place based on the outcome desired and lighting.
Most sessions are fun and although for certain types of shots ‘poses’ are used, the word posing is rarely used as ac client is always allowed to do what they like and adjustments are they given based on the look they made. For example, certain body movements and positions enhance the beauty of a man or woman in a photo and these are told to clients. Still when I provide such information, it is rarely given very seriously (like you MUST do this!) and always humor is added to my conversations. Chuck Norris often comes to my conversations. The conversation is generally used to increase a client’s enthusiasm and joy of being there and done in a way that will bring out the character s/he would like to project.
During the initial conversation,. what to wear for the session (and in the case of females how hair is done) would be discussed.


What to wear for a session?

What one will wear is generally discussed in the meeting before the shoot so the client(s) will come prepared and relaxed for the session. But generally, clothing will always be clothing the client is comfortable in. In the case of couple portraits, that the couple wear complimentary colored clothing would be suggested. In general, it can should be considered that solid color are better than checked clothing, darker colors are more slimming, lighter colors more broadening. Sleeve-less shirts or tank tops aren’t very flattering. Unless you would like the clothes be the focal points of a photo, steer away from bright colors.


What will you see your photos?

A day/time will be scheduled for the photos unveiling. Here, I will walk you through the images and provide recommendations based on the reason the photos were taken and based upon any custom artwork desired. Generally the photography service will have mentioned how many pics can be taken. If any more are desired, a small extra charge per photo would be requested. Generally processing would take up to one or two weeks, based on how much at work is desired.


When is payment due?

The session fee is due when a session is booked or up to three days after, but always before the session. When the photos are then seen, the service specified amount of photos will be selected by yourself and if any extra shots beyond the stipulated amount are requested, a small extra charge would be requested. In such cases, the charge would depend on what you would like done to the photos. Generally, cash is the preferred payment method, however cheque payment is accepted if desired. Credit-card payments aren’t accepted at the moment.


What will you get the finished Products?

This depends on what one would like from the session. Fine-Art would take much more time to create. Art pieces usually take about one to two days per pic to create. If no art is requested, the photos would be provided up to a week late.

If an email address is provided, the photos will be sent by email when ready. The images can also be requested on a CD for a small extra fee of €2.


Fine-Art Craftsmanship

When AldoPics is hired for a fine-art portrait, the planning and transformation will take the needed craftsmanship. This would start in the planning meeting where the desired and outcome and possibilities would be discussed.

The first step, would be one finding out how you would like to experience the images in the future. Will they form part of your home decor? Or would the images be preferred small so they can be uploaded to a social site?

Once we have decided on why the photos would be used the location and the reasons for the photos, and date and time (that would be prefect for the pics) would be decided. Sessions are always fun and relaxed and the client is free to do what s/he/they would like to do. Based on what’s done the position mat be sculpted to better portray your desire.

After the session, the client would be invited to my place where the pics can be seen on big(ish) screen and chosen.

I look forward to working with you and creating an original work of art for you 🙂

Sessions are limited so get in touch today to begin the planning and art discussion if a fine-art portrait is desired.


Portrait Photography Style

My photography style when taking portraits can be seen as follows:

  • Based on a LifeStyle Photography Style
  • Very Communicative
  • Helps bring out the inner beauty everyone has
  • Leaves the session free but provide suggestions when needed (hence, Photography Style is more Lifestyle than artistic)


Session Rates

In this service, basic photo editing and retouching in covered with the service cost.

Meeting time usually is 15-30 minutes. Usually about 20-40 minutes photography time is needed depending on what is agreed in the initial meeting.
If the photography time takes longer than 1 hour , an extra cost of €7.50 per hour is then needed. However, if we can stay longer if need be will be agreed in the service meeting.

Service Rate (€)
Portyrait or Headshots session, anywhere in Malta or Gozo €40
Basic Retouching free
Advanced/Commercial Retouching €5/Photo