Maternity Photography in Malta

Recording memories of you and your baby from pregnancy to childhood

MATERNITY Photography Services

Child or family portraits to show family love for a growing child

Bringing out and recording not only you at the time, but also your feelings and love for each other from child pregnancy to early childhood

First Step


During a maternity photo shoot, the great memories recorded are not only for the parents, but also for your child so that the love you have for each other, is recorded, remembered and relived when the child/children grow up.

I produce beautiful and natural pregnancy photography, newborn child photography, or family photography featuring the children either in my studio, at your chosen location, or at your home.

Getting to understand you and your photographic objectives is my first priority.

My knowledge and expertise for the session are then adapted to what/how you’d like the  photos and tell your story you would like to tell your child a photo viewers.

The shoot can be of yourselves alone, with children, with your immediate family or with a close friend or two.

Living in the now

Parental love

To do this, I capture you naturally in the moment & your love to each other as it is, now.

My directions are only so that the connection between you, your partner and the baby and/or children is easily understood to any photo viewer.


The photo session can be held at your home, at any location in Malta or Gozo or at my studio. Some props that I have in my studio can be brought with me too.

Photographic stories


With the photos from the session, a photographic story album can be created if requested.

Pregnancy photo sessions also form part of maternity photos, and you can have photos before and after the baby is born.

Clients also take pregnancy portraits, baby portraits, and portraits when the child can walk. To cater for this, and so the idea will not be too costly for you, special pricing packages (baby plans) have also been created.

When a session is booked, tips on location and clothing would be given.

Portfolio Discount

On total booking cost

Maternity or Pregnancy Portraits

  • At AldoPics Studio or 1 other location (like at your home)
  • 15 photos you choose retuched and given in colour, B&W and in HD more info...
  • The service would give you 15 processed photos which you would choose after the session
  • Free basic retouching
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AldoPics Baby Plan

The Baby Plan

Commemorate From Pregnancy, your baby's birth, yout baby's first STEPS. 3 maternity or child portrait photo sessions.
  • You can also spread your three sessions out over three years.
  • 60+ photos per session.
  • 15 photos selected and reprocessed per session.
    • The Sessions can be
      • Family and Children
      • Pregnancy Session
      • Newborn Session
      • Maternity Session


Photo Selection
    • 15 photos selected and Retouched. Pics will be given to you in color and in B&W, original photo size and social media sizes.
    • Photo Choice
      •   Photos can be seen and selected on the day of the shoot on my home PC
      • Or else, uploaded to a secure page accessible to only you and me, where you can see the taken pics and choose the 15 you would love to be retouched.
    • Retouching
      •   Free Basic Retouching on chosen pics
      •   Retouching is main in lighting and final photo colour
      •   Skin blemishes like cuts are removed


(prices inc. V.A.T.)


Family Baby to Child Plan

For 8 years
Recording pregnancy to a happy, running child
  • From Pregancy
  • To Growing Child & Family Portraits
  • Plan entitles you to 1 Maternity or any Portrait Session once a year (over the package 8 years) at no extra cost
  • Each year, the session can be any Maternity or Portrait session
  • To reserve a session just send booking number and date 1 or 2 weeks before desired shoot
  • 20 process photos per session via Email or USB

Growing Baby Plan

For 3 years
recording from baby steps to child's first steps
  • From Pregancy
  • or baby to growing child
  • Plan entitles you to 1 Maternity or Child Portrait Session a year (over the package 3 years) at no extra cost
  • To reserve a session just send booking number and date 1 or 2 weeks before desired shoot
  • 20 process photos per session via Email or USB

Baby Plan

For 2 years
Recording from Pregnancy to Childhood
  • From Pregancy
  • to growing baby
  • Plan entitles you to a Pregnancy portrait, 3 Maternity sessions and 1 Child Portrait Session at no extra cost any date over the package 2 years
  • To reserve a session just send booking number and date 1 or 2 weeks before desired shoot
  • 20 process photos per session via Email or USB

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