Graduation Photography in Malta

Graduation Photography at the University of Malta or elsewhere
Capture happy memories of this important day of your graduation and your family with memorable

graduation photography

by AldoPics. Your

graduation photography

can be done at the University of Malta, in our studio or an outdoor photo shoot to give you photos you deserve. Special moments like this require special photographs.

University of Malta Graduation photos

Make your graduation from the University in Malta, an unforgettable moment, with creative portrait photography,to have memorable portraits of you graduation with your graduation certificatate

Graduation Family Portrait by AldoPics 5171

Graduiation Photography with your Family

Your graduation celebration photography could also be done with your family at the University of Malta, or at another location, such as in the studio, or at your house.

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Photography of your graduation comes in two flavours. a mini-shoot of roughly 30-45 minutes with about 80+ photos which will all be given to you, 7 of which are selected by yourself post-processed and 6×4″ printed for you for €60, or for 1-1.5 hour(s) for about 120+ photos, 15 of which are selected by yourself post-processed and 6×4″ printed for you for €100. The hour can be done at two locations and at different locations, for exampl, 20 minutes for photos at the university of Malta and 40 minutes with your family, in a park.

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