Female Portraits

Female Portraits

Portraits that describe you with and showing unique beauty that you always had

The AldoPics portraits are not just a recording of you at time and a place, but of your character.

I know how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during all the photo shoot time and help you to forget a camera is in-front of you. I do this in an artistic fashion to allow your energy to flow better  resulting in you looking better than you thought you can.

AldoPics Female

Portrait Photography

My first goal is to get to know your character and the feeling that you would like to give to photo viewers.

Based on what I get to know about you, I always adapt my style to your character. I have knowledge of different female photography styles, ranging from glamour to fashion photography and my style uses techniques I know from each style I learnt.

My style is clean and creative.

Good Energy

Communication through

Quite a few women that needed photos told me that they always look terrible in photos. I disagreed with this notion and they were amazed on how good they looked in the photos.

I know and feel that the reason is not just because of technical photography and lighting knowledge, but I always get to know what you would like, know how to understand how you feel during the shoot and how to verbally keep you relaxed and calm.

I don’t use posing or boring, stiff and uncomfortable static movements.


Portraits in Malta or Gozo

While I enjoy being outside, in nature, and Malta’s golden sunset hours, as my goal to get to know you, and the location, time and style are adapted to your needs.

I always taking your ideas into account to help enhance the aspect that you would like to show about you or your character.

The shoot can be in at any location in Malta or Gozo, or in my studio.

Other types of female photography

Portfolio Discount

On total booking cost

Female Portraits

Different style specific on keeping you relaxed and comfortable to bring out your beauty
  • 15 Processed Chosen Photos
  • All other unprocessed photos
  • Photos would be provided for free via website secure web page download
  • Free Retouching and Editing
    (like lighting and skin smoothing)
Book Photo Session

Aldo has a very artistic and unique approach to photography and is very patient with his clients.

Chellcy Mifsud-Reitsma


Photo Selection
    • 15 photos selected and Retouched. Pics will be given to you in color and in B&W, original photo size and social media sizes.
    • If you would like to select and retouch any additional pics:
      • €1/additional Photo
      • €10 for 30 selected Photos
      • €15 for 40 selected Photos
      • €45 for ALL liked session Photos
    • Retouching
      • Free Basic Retouching on chosen pics
      • Retouching is main in lighting and final photo colour
      • Skin blemishes like cuts are removed
      • Advanced Retouching or Background Change is €5/Photo


Book for shooting

f you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please also call  or email me before visiting my studio as it would be open by appointment only.

Photos can even be done at an external location.

[email protected] 

Makeup Artist: Bringing With MeProvide me with suggestions and costWon't use (not recommended)

Aldo immediately made me feel at ease during my photo shoot. I really enjoyed working with him and love all my photos!

Valerie Micallef
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