Fine-Art Portfolio

Photographic edits to describe your photographic idea better

Fine-Art Headshot

The Woman wore a flower wreath but also loved butterflies and would have liked to have an image with butterflies in the photo.
So the background, positioning of her and butterflies were added via Adobe Photoshop.

Fine-Art Nude

The model had asked for an artistic image. The photo was taken at the AldoPics studio, then via Adobe Photoshop, a Mocha-like image was created.

Other Fine-Art Photos

Couple Pre-Wedding Portrait Background Change

Couple is foreign and love trees.

The photos were taken in a green part of malta but was still not very foresty, so in the background was changed to a forest setting.

Calendar Shot

Photo forĀ  a calendar month in a project that combined photography with graphic design. The design (in sky) was done by the designer i was collaborating with for this project

Performance Photo

Photo taken for a performance which was displayed in the waiting area to help give the performance meaning.

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