Actor Headshots

To show photo viewers such as casters or performance directors, the real you in the character you would like to show in a fun atmosphere.
Actor Headshots or Actor Portraits

To use give to a film casting person, for theater work or to show your character to advertising personnel.

I would ensure that at all times during the photo session, you are relaxed, enjoying yourself while communicating in a way to bring out the character that you would like to show.


I use communicative techniques to capture what is unique about you and the character you would like to show. During the session, I will help you to bring out the ‘look’ (via expression and body language) to portray the character you would like to give to a casting person, director or to any photo viewer.

Many times actors need a headshot photo particular to the role they are applying for.

They also ask for a set of headshots to show the different characters they can portray. We all have gestures and expressions that are unique to us and the technique I use, helps to bring these out.

People have also used one of their actor headshot pics to use in their Facebook profile picture.

AldoPics funny Actor Headshot

What can be expected?

What you can expect from such a session is that from the moment you enter the AldoPics studio, is that I will begin to make you feel comfortable and engage you in conversation. 

At all times during the session, we will enjoy the photography session, where we create a friendly good mood/vibe during the session. This is one of the reasons why you would look better in the photos taken by me, than you thought you would.
I am known to be very good at making you feel relaxed and comfortable, and to help you draw expressions and emotions for great actor headshot photos.

Your job is to turn up and have fun and be silly with me. It’s not about just being serious all the time, but to focus on what you’d like to express but always to have fun and enjoy ourselves. 

Photography Style

My photography style while taking Actor Headshots can be described as:

  • Based on the Lifestyle Photography Style,
  • Very Communicative,
  • Bring out the character you would like to show a photo viewer,
  • Good lighting knowledge to create the effect wished for,
  • Having a psychology background and interest in human behavior and energy helps a lot too,
  • Experience with Chiaroscuro and Film Noir photography.

Session Info

An Actor headshot session takes about 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the number of changes and looks asked for. For the first or one ‘look’ the length will be about 30 minutes. 20-30 minutes would be needed for other looks.

Generally what one wears and other tips will be provided by email, after booking a session and a few days before the photo shoot.

Portfolio Discount

On total booking cost


Clothing changes and/or makeup adjustments which take longer than 5 or more minutes fall under the multiple looks rate.

Actor headshots

  • 15 photos you choose retuched and given in colour, B&W and in HD more info...
  • Email, Messenger or WhatsApp tips before the photo session day
  • All other unprocessed photos
  • Free Basic Retouching
  • The photos are provided free via Email or USB
  • Advanced Retouching or Background Change €5/Photo
  • Photos would be provided for free via website secure page download
Book Photo Session
(Prices inc. V.A.T.)


Photo Selection
    • 60+ Un-retouched photos.
    • 15 photos selected and Retouched. Pics will be given to you in color and in B&W, original photo size and social media sizes.
    • Photo Choice
      •   Photos can be seen and selected on the day of the shoot on my home PC
      • Or else, uploaded to a secure page accessible to only you and me where you can see the taken pics and choose the 15 you would love to be retouched.
    • Retouching
      •   Free Basic Retouching on chosen pics
      •   Retouching is main in lighting and final photo colour
      •   Skin blemishes like cuts are alson removed


Photo Selection
    • Additional photos can be selected and retouched
      • €1/additional Photo
      • €10 for having 30 selected Photos
      • €15 for having 40 selected Photos
      • €45 for having ALL session Photos
    • Retouching
      • Advanced Retouching or Background Change is €5/Photo


A great photo session with Aldo! His patience, jokes, suggestions and directions made me feel at ease to try out different face expressions and get comfortable in front of the camera. Very happy with the headshots!

Mariele ZammitSinger/actor

Simply amazing. Kind and professional person. Totally recommend him.

Hristo PetrovActor


Dr Jekyll and Mr(s) Hyde

Actor and Business Headshots
  • Both sessions on the same day after each other
  • 1hour to 1.5hours for both photo sessions
  • Clothing change and small break between sessions
  • 20 Business Headshot photos
  • 20 Actor Headshot photos
  • €1.5 per photo if would like more photos

Telling a Story

Business Headshots and Photo Session together with an Individual or Family Portrait Session
  • The sessions ideally on different days (within two months of each other)
  • Usual session time for Actor Headshots and for the selected Portrait session
  • Family potos rate covers family up to 5 people
  • Photo amount and given as per service

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  1. Dominic Dimech

    Aldo came out with vast and creative ideas and the finally result was phenomenally interesting, he captured the mood, intensity and the expression of the character. At the end it was difficult for me to eliminate certain photos , I really enjoyed working with Aldo.

  2. Mariele Zammit

    A great photo session with Aldo! His patience, jokes, suggestions and directions made me feel at ease to try out different face expressions and get comfortable in front of the camera. Very happy with the headshots!

  3. Brandon Shaw

    Aldo knows how to have fun and put you at ease. I came out with a number of great shots that can be used for my resume. Great variety-from serious to funny. Very Happy!

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