Fine-Art Sessions


Initial Meeting

Such sessions always start with a discussion where the idea is expanded and brought to light. Even in my personal fine-art projects the same approach is taken so the person I am taking the photos of will know why the location was chosen and why they are asked to do something. In the meeting with you (or who I’m taking a photo of in my project photos) it is always important to know and understand the story we would like to say in the photos.

In the initial meetings, we generally discuss the main color of the images (not only of clothes but of everything unified together). Props are also discussed to bring out you’re most important thing, the Story you would like to tell with the images. The wardrobe, setting and location would also be discussed and agreed upon.


What to expect from such a session?

Well, what one would expect from such as session and what one would wear always depends on what was agreed to bring out the story that we would like to tell with the images. However, generally to get good lighting conditions photos outside are generally taken in the early morning or late evening when the sun has nearly set. Photos can also be taken during early afternoon on a very cloudy day (and if the island heat isn’t too high).


When will the images be seen?

Fine-art images on average take between 5 – 8 hours per image to make depending on what is requested. In certain cases if what is asked is complicated, an image can take around 20 hours to make. The average time needed to make the images will be mentioned in the initial discussion so a client would have an idea of when the images can be seen and delivered.


Photography Style

In Fine-Art photography my style is artistic and as always communicative. Depends on what you would like, Adobe Photoshop is most often used where I compose a graphic image of what you would like the result to be. In Fine-Art my style can generally be considered a cross-over bewtenn Graphic Design, Creativity And Photography.

  • Is based on an Artistic photography style
  • Very Communicative (as in every style & I see what you like before something is done)
  • Uses his extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to bring out your idea.


When is payment due?

When a fine-art service is discussed, an idea of the time needed will be given and we would agree on the cost. The session fee will be asked for when such a session id booked or up to 3 days before the photo session to create the basis for the fine-art. Generally, cash is the preferred payment method, however cheque payment is accepted if desired. Credit-card payments aren’t accepted at the moment.


Fine-art Service Cost

The cost of this service is mainly for the time taken compositing / editing and creating the final images.

Initial meeting time usually is 30-45 minutes long. Photography time always depends on what is agreed in the meeting. I have have made images where the photos are taken in the same location, so the time taken wouldn’t be much and I have had others where we visited a location for each shot (and in this case 5 locations were visited).
The basic service fee is of €45 and covers the making of up to 5 images with an image processing time of up to 8 hours per image. If more time would be needed, an extra cost of €5 per hour would then be needed.

Service Rate (€)
Fine-Art Service €130
Fine-art image processing hour €10/hour

(Prices inc. V.A.T.)

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