AldoPics Photography Style

Bringing out and creating beauty everywhere.


Foundations of my photography style

As a basis of my work, I use the photographic styles mentioned below.
The style which is mainly used in a session, depends on the type of photography service/session for you and your needs.

The base standard photographic styles I can use is one of the styles below.
However, it’s not uncommon for me to uses ideas from different styles together.


Artistic Photography

In this photography style, directions for posing are usually given. (You can see my Meet Aldo page on getting a better idea on what I do instead of posing) In such cases however, Aldo always keeps the photographic session and you relaxed and Aldo’s aim is always to bring out their unique character or the character they would like to show to people seeing the photos.
This style is mainly used in Beauty Shots, Glamour, Work Headshot and Fashion photography.


Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is in a way similar to artistic photography, but the session is left more natural and poses are only suggested based on the actions done by the client.

This is the AldoPics preferred photographic style, as Aldo’s goal for great photography is to put you and your ideas first.

A Lifestyle photo session is mainly free-form and it is mainly used in portraiture sessions.
Unless AldoPics is documenting an event, Aldo will keep the session free-form, flowing and only give directions so the positions people take will be more natural looking.


Documentary Photography

This style is mainly used in events & weddings. In these occasions, my Aldo’s aim would be to take pics and document what really was happening while Aldo does his best to be as invisible as possible during the even while not interfering with what’s happening.
If during an event, some people ask for a portrait or group photo, the style then, will be more Artistic as Aldo would give some suggestions to photographically improve the pics and keep the pics looking natural.

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