About AldoPics Photography

Founded in 2017 Aldo Cauchi Savona ho has been doing professional since 2012.

My professional photography career had started towards the end of 2012, offering different photography as requested. This included, commercial, product, portraiture, event and wedding photography.

Over the years, my signature photography always was on the portrait photos I took for people. This was not only through my photographic knowledge which grew over the years, but also through the way I interact with the people I am photographing.

As one of my main skills is the understanding of communication and person psychology during photography, AldoPics mainly focuses on different types of portrait photography.

The knowledge I have on communication and interaction, also covers how to communicate with people of different genders, ages and pets. I also have the experience and the etiquette during female photography.

In 2017 I created AldoPics, focusing mainly on different people photography, such as business headshots, personal to different portrait photography (such as family portraits). 

Professional assistants

When required, different professional assistants, like a makeup artist, is brought in.

Modern Photography Studio

My photography can be done in my home studio or at any location of your desire in Malta or Gozo. My studio is a home studio, for the main purpose of keeping the environment relaxed for you.

The studio is equipped top modern LED lighting and props.

Artistic Editing

When needed, retouching is done and also fine-art graphic composition and editing is possible. 

I have known and admired Aldo’s work for many years, but this was my first personal photoshoot experience. I have no idea how to pose, but Aldo made it very easy through his unique approach. I really enjoyed it and very happy with the results!

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AldoPics - Business headshot of woman

Photoshoots in a creative manner.

Photography facilitating you to capture your unique you

My photography style, often goes outside the confines of traditional photography and create photographic art that is based on your emotions and feelings at the time the photos are taken.