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Photography Testimonials

Following are photography service reviews and remarks made by some people who have had their photos taken by the Maltese photographer – AldoPics.
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20 comments on �Photography Testimonials�

  • Chellcy Mifsud-Reitsma says:

    Aldo has a very artistic and unique approach to photography and is very patient with his clients.

    • Thanks Chellcy, I always focus on creating a fun and lively atmosphere where you forget my camera and are relaxed.
      We did business headshots, one of which is this:
      AldoPics Business Head shot - Chellcy
      And she took the bonus add-on service of beauty shots too, some of which I adda creative background/effect
      AldoPics Business Head shot - Chellcy

  • Laura Escribano says:

    Highly recommended!! Aldo really knows how to show on his shoots your beauty just not from outside also from inside of you. At the same time you have fun while the shooting is taken just to thanks to Aldo for making it happen.

    • Thanks a lot. I always aim to make you have fun during the shoot and bring out the beauty of your character and energy.
      Here is a business head shot of her which I slightly edited (to include the hearts)
      Aldo Photos Female Business Headshot

      Two of the lovely beauty shots I took of her
      AldoPics Laura Photoshop Edited Beauty shot
      AldoPics Female Boudoir BeautyShot

  • Dace Kusina says:

    Aldo is a photographer with a unique ability to see beauty in every person and show it in his pictures. He managed to make me feel comfortable while taking portrait photos for me. He made my time during the photo session memorable, which I also feel came out in the photos I got. He managed to bring out my inner world and gave me good emotions. I highly recommend him.

  • orsolya széles says:

    I met Aldo in a group and after we got to know each other, we agreed to have my portraits taken. I was very cautious though as I don’t come out good in photos and he assured me that it won’t be so.
    He was right and the photos he took of me came out so good that I am very pleased with the result. The session was taken at Sliema Gardens, but he still made me feel comfortable while taking the photos and I think it shows in some photos.

  • Miriam Calleja says:

    Aldo knows how to bring out your natural beauty

  • Marie Louise Vella says:

    I’ve got some amazing photos from Aldo, including my wonderful wedding photos!

  • Alex Spiteri Gingell says:

    Beautiful photos and excellent service. We had portraits taken by Aldo for all our company employees and they look great. Highly recommended

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