Family Portraits

Capturing the character and emotions of your family while together.

Family Portrait Service

AldoPics Family portraits, with the artistic fair and introduces fun and amusement into the shoot so as to bring out the family character together.

Family Portrait Service

AldoPics Family portraits, with the artistic flair and amusement so as to bring out the family character together.

As my photography will always tell the story of the people I am photographing, the shoot will always be to bring this and the family character  together out.

Props may also be used in order to enhance the atmosphere to further enhance what you would like to project to photo viewers.


Photography Location

One of the main things that we agree on before the photo shoot, is where you would like the photos to be taken. The photos can be taken at any location in Malta or Gozo, your home or my stdio.

If you would like the portraits to be taken at my Studio, pets can even be brought with you and enter the studio.

Other tips, suggestions and advise given when we meet or by email.

The Shoot

Photography Style

One can describe the AldoPics photography style on Family Portraits as:

  • Based on an Artistic photography style, but many times tends more of a Lifestyle Photography approach to keep the photos expressive and natural
  • Very Communicative
  • Will always take into account you and your family’s desires, but will use knowledge and experience to bring out the best in all.



What I Do

It is good to note that I am not a photographer who tells the family to look at the camera and smile. Looking into the camera gives certain visual connotations  that I don’t agree with.

During the photo shoot, however, having one or two photos where one or more are looking towards the camera is done and some families have asked for such photos. 

Family Portraits

Bringing Out The Family Character Together
  • Free Basic Editing
  • Session Time 1hr - 1.5hrs
  • All un-edited photos
  • 15 Chosen Retouched Photos
  • The photos are given for free by Email or on USB
  • €5 for advanced retouching per photo (like change background)

Booking Reductions

For another booked service
  • On any other photo service booked
  • The reduction is applicable when booking another photographic service with this one
  • The reduction can also be used up to 10 days after receiving your photos with the given booking code given when this service is booked
  • Although the reduced photo service would need to be booked by yourself, the service booked can be for a partner or friend

Book for shooting

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please also call  or email me before visiting my studio.

Studio open by appointment only.


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