Couple Portraits

Also known or used as Pre-Wedding or Engagement portraits.

Couple Portraits

pre- or post-wedding portraits

Describe the story of your character with your love and show what is unique about you.

The phots can be of a ‘natural’ nature or. if requested, an artistic approach to describe your love for each other.

Keep in mind that the aim of AldoPics photography is to always keep you relaxed. My effort  will always be to drive away any shyness or hesitation you may have.

I will also help you to bring out your confidence in yourself and each other.

First Step

Gathering Info

This service ideally begins with a meeting with me where I will get to know you, your desires and understand about how you as a couple would like to look in the photos. We would also discuss if you would like a photographic story to be told when the photos are put together.

Props may also be used in order to enhance the atmosphere to further enhance what you would like to project to photo viewers.

The conversation can also be done via e-mail, but face-to-face conversation is always much more informative.

Second step

The Location

The photos will be done at the location of your choosing.

If requested, we can also visit a location together before the shoot, to discuss and agree on particular shooting areas.

I’ve done shoots in the city, on a beach, in a public garden or in my studio (then used artistic editing to bring out a non-Malta environment).

Additional Info

Photographic style

One can describe my photography style for Couple Portraits (Pre-wedding or Engagement Portraits) as:

  • Based on an Artistic photography style, but the shoot tends to be more of a Lifestyle Photography approach to keep the photos expressive and natural
  • I give suggestions and am very Communicative
  • Will always take into account your desires, but will use my knowledge and experience to bring out the best in you.

 It is good to note that I am  not a photographer who tells the couple to look at the camera and smile.

Portfolio Discount

On total booking cost

Couple Portraits

(Engagement or pre-wedding portraits)
  • Session Time
    1 - 1.5 Hours
  • Free Basic Retouching
  • €5/Pic Advanced Retouching or Fine-Art/Background Change
  • 20 photos will be chosen, processed and given via E-mail or USB
  • All other unprocessed pics will also be given


  • On any Photo Service
  • Reduction applicable if booking another photographic service with this one
  • Reduction can also be used up to 10 days after receiving your photos with the given booking code
  • Although the reduced photo service would need to be booked by yourself, the service booked can be for a partner or friend

Book for shooting

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Aldo. Please also call me or email me before visiting the studio to make sure that you the studio is open for you.


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