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Capturing and recording not only you at the time, but also your feelings and love for each other and for the kid(s).
AldoPics always gives beautiful and natural pregnancy photography or newborn child photography either in studio, at a chosen location or at your home.
The aim of AldoPics is to create memories particular to you during the shoot.
During maternity shoot photos, the great memories are not only for you, but also for your kid(s) so that the love the parents have for each other, is recorded, remembered and relived now and when the child grows up s/he will understand s/he was born because of the love you had for each other and to the child.

To do this, Aldo captures you naturally in the moment & your love to each other as it is, Now.
Aldo’s directions would only be so that the connection between the parents and the baby and /or children is easily understood to a photo viewer.
The photos that Aldo will take for you, are much more than just the photo.

The photos will describe the parents together and will be a document of that time, not only if the mother is pregnant or of the child at a certain age, but for everyone in the family.

With the photos from the session, a photographic story album can be created if asked.

Pregnancy photo sessions also form part of maternity photos, and you can have photos before or after the baby is born.


Service Rate (€)
Pregnancy €100
Maternity €120
Basic Retouching Free

For the above rates, 25 photos will be chosen, processed (mainly in light editing) and given on a USB drive or by email.

Reduction Offers:

If you book two or more services together, you will benefit from the following reductions:
Service Rate (€)
Any Headshot photo service €30
beauty shots €40
Other Portrait photo Session €40
Family Portrait Session €60
For the service discount(s), the services need to be booked and paid for at same time.
A service can be reserved for another person, but in the booking must be mentioned.
However the shoots can be on different days
(inc. V.A.T.)
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