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AldoPics Fine-Art Portraits

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Fine-Art Craftsmanship

When AldoPics is hired for a fine-art portrait, the transformation needed is best discussed before.
This would start in an ideal planning meeting where the desired and composition, possibilities and outcome would be discussed.
The first step, would be one finding out how you would like to experience the images in the future.

The photos can form part of your home decor or so they can be uploaded to a social site.

The fine-art photos can also be for the cover of your book or album


ServiceRate (€)
Fine-Art Session€50
General Artwork, Composition or Retouching Included in price
The rate cover about 2 hours of photo time and up to 5 photographic artistic photos/compositions

Reduction Offers:

If you book two or more services together, you will benefit from the following reductions:

ServiceRate (€)
Studio Beauty Shots€15
Studio Boudoir €25
Any other Portrait (like couple or family)€20
(Please add 18% V.A.T. to final price)
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