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The AldoPics portraits are not just a recording of you at time and a place. Aldo Cauchi Savona always translates your character and passions in the portrait photography taken for you. While photos are now-a-days easily available through point-and-shoot cameras or mobile phones, getting a professional look in the photo and experience while the photo is being taken, requires the work of a professional like Aldo.

Quality Portraits or Fine Art Portraits

If you are looking for quality photos of an artistic or fine-art nature which will make the photos a household staple, AldoPics is the right place. More on Fine-Art Portraits

Couple Portraits

For this service, help is provided so the couple actions & position will depict the love of the couple for each other and their character together. AldoPics Fine-Art Couple Portrait More on couple portraits

Studio Portrait Photography

Aldo operates a home studio. Although the studio is in Aldo’s home, it is also used for family photos or pet photography sessions, if a studio environment is preferred for your photos. > Information about How Portrait Sessions are done

Photography Style

The AldoPics Portrait Photography Style is to always helping you bring out yourself and the character you would like to show people. The style is clean, bold and can be used for advertising campaigns, fashion, magazine articles. Aldo is known for my creativity and that he communicates regularly with his client(s) to create a fresh look.

Portrait Session Start

Portrait photograph sessions ideally start with a short meeting, where Aldo learns about you and the reasons you’d like the photos. If a pet is involved, a meeting the pet isn’t needed before the shoot, but on the photos day, meeting the pet a few minutes before the shoot, would be very beneficial so the animal will get to know Aldo and to get used to the sound of my camera taking a photo. Having a dog jumping up in fright or raising its fur and growling at me is nice for no one.

The Location

Where the photos will be taken is one of the main topics covered when you meet me and a session is discussed.

What to expect from a portrait session?

When the portraits are taken at any external location, two hours before sunset is the most preferred time. However, the time is always set by you. Most portrait sessions in Malta or Gozo sessions last about 1-2 hours. The time taken depends on the location chosen and how much time is spent scouting the desired location. During the initial conversation (or via chat email before the shoot), what to wear for the session (and in the case of female portraits, how the hair is made) would be discussed.

What to wear for a session?

What one wears is generally discussed in the meeting before the shoot so the you will come prepared and relaxed for the session. Generally, clothing will always be chosen by you and in what you feel comfortable in.  

Session Rates

In this service, basic photo editing and retouching in covered with the service cost. Meeting time usually is 15-30 minutes. Usually about 20-60 minutes photography time is needed depending on what is agreed in the initial meeting.
Service Rate (€)
Personal or Pet Portrait Photography Service €90
Service Rate (€)
Female Outdoor/public Portrait Photography €80
Maternity Or Pregnancy Portraits €100
Couple Portraits €100
Family Portraits €100
Portrait Headshots session €80
Basic Retouching FREE
Advanced/Commercial Retouching €5/Photo
Photos By Email Free
Photos on a CD or USB €5 (picked-up at AldoPics studio)
Photos on a Printed Album Depends on Album chosen & number of photos to print

Other Portrait Photography

To get info and rate on other portraits, click the desired service link.
Maternity, Pregnancy Portraits, Portrait Headshots, Female Photography, Couple or Engagement Portraits, Family portraits, Pet portraits

Reduction Offers:

If you book two or more services together, you will benefit from the following reductions:
Service Rate Reduction (€)
Another Portrait photo shoot €40
A Maternity photo shoot €40
Any Headshots photo service €30
Beauty Shots €40
Boudoir €60
Fine-Art photography €70
(Prices inc. V.A.T.)
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