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Photography Rates

This page only provides a basic overview of the photography service rates for AldoPics.

Freelance Photography

Below is an overview of each photography service rate. Still, it’s best to contact Aldo Cauchi Savona and discuss what you would like and will also tell you if there are any offers on at the moment.
For companies, a day rate is also offered for the company business headshot photo service which will be much more price worthy!

Company Rates

AldoPics has particular rates for companies which for companies with more than 5 employees is much better than the normal per-person rate. To get the company pricing list, please send an email to Aldo at and Aldo will send a PDF with the rates.

Commercial / Advanced Retouching

Commercial retouching is more expensive than normal/basic retouching due to the number of hours that would need to be done to get a commercial/magazine look to the photo.

Photography Rates

Service Rate (€)
Actor or Business Headshots (only 1 look) €60/session
multiple looks (Headshots) €50 for 1st look
€20 for each other look
Maternity €110
Any Portrait session €80
Fine-art photos and service €180
Beauty Shots €80
Boudoir €180
Advanced/Commercial Retouching €5/Photo
(Prices inc. V.A.T.) You can visit each service page to get offers available at the moment for offers on multiple services booked in one booking.
The services are recommended not to be on the same day however.

Although booked together, the services do not need to be for the same person. In such a case, when booking the service, please indicate as such.

Service links

You can view the rates in these service pages to get latest rates & offers.
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