As The Dust Settles

In this exhibition Aldo explored our wish to achieve goals, whatever they may be.

Often as a result of unconscious manipulation or only following our mental thoughts, we find regularly ourselves suppressing everything else that comes in the way, including our own ‘true’ self and desire.
The works is presented as a series of four pieces, created from a series of photos shot for a Le Salon titled event ‘As The Dust Settles’ which had the theme of dance.

The theme of desires is central to the work, as the images relate the narrative from the unconscious’ point of view.

Starting from a dark piece entitled ‘Alone’, it then progresses to ‘Within Self’ where the dancer cannot find a way out of her misery, despite trying.

In ‘Distant yet Closer Than Hands & Feet’ the dancer intuits a possible way out and then the story culminates in ‘Unity’ where the bridge (or self) is overcome.

A special thanks goes to Lynne Salamone Reynaud for helping with the inspiration and braving the cold February evening winds!

All of the photos are fine-art edited photos.


Corona Update

Safety In Uncertain Times!

Closed Till Further Notice

Please note that due to this Corona virus bastard, AldoPics studio will be closed until further Notice

Until the government decrees a mandatory quarantine, Portrait sessions, outdoors, will still be done as me and my camera is at least 2 meters from you and portraits are generally not done in crowded places.

Photo viewing will be done from a password protected page which also has photo selection functionality.

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