Multi booking Reductions

Portfolio Discount

On total booking cost

To benefit from the Service Reductions, book photo services together in one booking.

A photo service can also be booked by a customer up to 10 days after an AldoPics photo session was done for that person to benefit from the reduction that service gives.

The booked session does not need to be for the same person, bit the person that books and pays should be the same.

A booked service service gives a reduction to one of the various different other services listed below.

Fine-Art Service Reduction



Boudoir Session Reduction



Any Headshot Service Reductions

When a Beauty shot session is booked.


Any Headshot Service Reductions

When a Business, Actor or Portrait headshot session is booked.


Any Portrait Service Reductions

When a personal, female, couple, pet or family portrait session is booked.


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