Pet Photography

Pet Portrait Photography

Either of a Pet alone or of people with pet

Show Your love to your pet through a photo. The pat can be alone, or with you.




Animal Love

The reason

I loves animals so much that I not only take pet photography, but am also a vegetarian.

Apart from having experience in taking pet photos, I also have pets.
I know about animal behavior (mainly of dogs & cats) and experience taking photos of them to bring out their love.


Pet Photography Sessions

Pet Photography session, like other photography sessions, requires some information on the pet and the reason for the photo. For example, how the animal behaves in certain circumstances or if you would like a portrait of you or your family with a pet. If the location will be at your home, outside or my studio.

The Shoot

Photography Style

My photography style for pet photography is:

  • Is done mainly in a documentary style, 
  • If photo session will be a portrait with the pet a Lifestyle photography approach most likely will be used,
  • While pets aren’t normally very communicative with words, I can feel what the animal would like and any species can communicate via energy,
  • Also, I better meet the pet a few minutes before the shoot so it get used to me and my camera.
  • The session usually takes between 1 and 1.5 hours

Portfolio Discount

On total booking cost

Pet Photo Session

or portrait with your pet
  • 15 Chosen Photos, with basic retouching if needed
  • All un-edited photos
  • Photos would be provided for free via website secure page download
  • Price default list
Book Photo Session

(Prices inc. V.A.T.)


Photo Selection
    • 15 photos selected and Retouched. Pics will be given to you in color and in B&W, original photo size and social media sizes.
    • If you would like any additional pics to be retouched:
      • €1/additional Photo
      • €10 for 30 selected Photos
      • €15 for 40 selected Photos
      • €45 for ALL liked session Photos
    • Retouching
      • Free Basic Retouching on chosen pics
      • Retouching is main in lighting and final photo colour
      • Skin blemishes like cuts are removed
      • Advanced Retouching or Background Change is €5/Photo


Book for shooting

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please also call  or email me before visiting.

If the photos will be at the studio, please note that the studio is open only by appointment.

[email protected] 

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