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Maltese Portrait Photographer


Pet Photography

Animal Friendly

Aldo loves pets so much that he not only take pet photography, but is also a vegetarian. Apart from having experience in taking pet photos and had 2 Siamese cats as pets, Aldo Cauchi Savona also knows animal behavior (mainly of dogs & cats).

Pet Photography Sessions

A Pet Photography session, unlike other photography sessions, does not require an initial meeting for me to get an idea of what would be needed. The only thing that would be useful for me to know beforehand is if you would like a portrait with your pet (or a family portrait with your pet), individual pet photos and if the location will be your home or outside and where.

Photography Style

My photography style for pet photography is:
  • Is mainly a documentary style
  • If photo session will be a portrait with the pet a Lifestyle approach most likely will also be used.
  • While pets aren’t normally very communicative with words, I can feel what the animal would like and any species can communicate via energy.
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