Maltese Portrait Photographer

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Maltese Photographer

Aldo Cauchi Savona is a professional freelance Maltese photographer.

Maltese Photographer

Aldo Pics is run by Aldo Cauchi Savona and is a Maltese photographer.
He was born in Malta, speaks excellent English and understands English culture as he studied and lived in England for about 8 years. It is the aim of Aldo Cauchi Savona’s photography services’ to offer you with a unique unmatched quality.
Aldo is able to add an artistic dimension into the photos he takes (or through photo editing) based on your needs.
Aldo is also good at creating a fine-art composition for you to express the story you’d like to tell photo viewers.

Maltese Photography Studio

AldoPics also uses a home-studio where certain photography services are given.
A Google map location of where it can be found, is provided in the contact page. It can also be found by searching for AldoPics in Google.

At the photo studio even animals can be brought for animal photos or to have portraits taken with you and your pet or with a couple or group and pet.

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