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Aldo Profile
Aldo Cauchi Savona
Maltese Freelance Portrait Photographer

AldoPics creates images of people that shows their character through interaction and communication.
Aldo has been offering different professional photography, like commercial, studio and wedding photography.
However, in the past years, Aldo’s main focus is portrait photography, like Business Headshots, different female photography (like Beauty Shots, Boudoir/Fine-Art Nude/Sensual photos) and personal portraits.

Aldo Pics delivers

type of photography

Aldopics is about capturing memories for clients. In maternity photography, but the memories are not only for the parents but the child themselves too.

Aldo’s style, often goes outside the confines of traditional photography and likes to mix elements of different photography styles.
Communication, cool props and movements are used to help with creating a comfortable, relaxed and interesting look in the photos Aldo takes.
Aldo does not like, or use posing much in his photography.

Aldo’s aim is to give you a good emotion, experience and confidence in yourself during the shoot and with the unique photos he’ll deliver.

AldoPics photos will tell a photographic story about your character or the story you would like to convey.


Aldo Pics (or Aldo Photos) is by Aldo Cauchi Savona who is a freelance Maltese Portrait Photographer.

The AldoPics photographic approach is more about execution and the end result rather than just the technique and approach taken.

One can say that his photography is 90% communication and 10% technique.

Benefits from AldoPics portrait photography:

  • Passionate Photography,
  • Intelligent Approach,
  • Talent and experience in portrait photos,
  • Ability to use different photographic styles based on the occasion/session,
  • Specialized knowledge and focused on different Portrait Photography (like Personal, Group, Pets & Family)
  • Specialization in different female photography styles(like Boudoir, Beauty Shots/Glamour & Fashion),
  • An inner understanding that what real beauty is, which is something that everyone has,
  • Business or Actor Headshot photography,
  • Fine-Art composition and editing


Photos that reflect your character and beauty

Part of Aldo’s university degree involved psychology.

Aldo first understand a person’s character, their aims to express what he learns through the photos he takes.


A goal of AldoPics is to bring out a person’s natural and real true beauty in a photo.
Everybody has beauty (for women, one say that metaphorically, Aldo’s aim is to bring out the Venus in her).

Quite a few people think that they are not photogenic or that they don’t look good in photos.
However, Aldo doesn’t agree with this and has shown this for people who said that they come out bad in photos but in Aldo’s photo, looked brilliant!.

Everyone has the ability to look fabulous in photos, given the right circumstances.

Beauty is not just physical or can only be improved just through technical aspects.

OK, technical aspects help, and Aldo knows them well but a photo also doesn’t only talk about a person physically.

The beauty one sees in a photo and how much we like a person in the photo, also comes from the energy (vibes) the person has when a photo is taken.

Most probably it can be said that Aldo takes the view the writer Edmund Burkes had once said, that beauty is harmony and balance.

AldoPics Posing

Very few of us are models with knowledge of what one better do (pose) to look good and natural.

To keep you confident & relaxed during a shoot AldoPics does not use posing.


Photography Start

AldoPics photography Experience

Getting into photography happened on its own.
When Aldo was young, he used to snap pics of different places and people to record the moment.
Aldo became involved with the visual arts after following a graphic design course in 2003.

From then on, Aldo began to explore the field of photography.

Aldo’s passion lies in the capture of good memories and creation of images that tell stories to say what lies beneath the photo idea.


Home Photo Studio

Photos can be requested to be taken at a particular location.

They can also be taken at the AldoPics Photography Studio which is in Salina, Naxxr (near the coast/Kennedy Grove gardens).

The studio is a home studio for the main purpose of keeping you stay relaxed and eliminate the feeling that you went to AldoPics just for photos.

For a more accurate location, you can see Google Map location in the contact page.

Through the studio work, Aldo can cater for most of your needs. Even pets are allowed to enter the studio for photos of them or with them.


Aldo Pics Photography Services

The main photographic services offered by Aldo Pics is portrait photography and include –


AldoPics also does photographic artistic editing and compositions if requested.

Check out the Fine-Art page for more information on this.

Editing and Retouching

Many times, basic retouching is always needed and done to some photos.

Basic retouching and monochrome (Black & white) or antique colour versions of the photos are generally given at no extra charge when asked for.

However, if requested, additional processing or effects can be done at a small extra charge. For example, if the photo is for a magazine.

For Fine-Art Photography, editing and compositing is always necessary and is covered by the service cost.

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