Portrait Heashot

When Aldo is taking portraits for you, you can ask for a headshot photo. Or else an entire portrait session where the focus is mainly your upper body part (i.e. you head/face/earrings or upper body tattoo)can be asked for.

This will generally be brought up in the initial session meeting (or emails) we have a few days before the session or during a session.

Generally headshots are asked to be used as a house photo, in social media, for a person’s portfolio image.

For female clients, Aldo would also see if the pic would be used for a Beautyshot, a Boudoir, Glamour or Commercial nature.

A Portrait Headshot session is normally from 30 minutes to 1 hour long. The total time taken depends on number of looks however.

A total of 20 photos per shoot hour will be given by email (free) or on CD (€3 charge).



Following are the rates for taking headshots:

Service Rate (€)
1 look requested €80
Multiple Looks €50 for 1st look
  €40 for each other look
A portrait session with a headshot focused session €80
Basic Retouching Free
Advanced Retouching or Background Change €5/Photo
Same day delivery €3
for each set of 4 Photos
On-site viewing & choosing Free
(At Studio only)
Additional Photos €3/Photo

Reduction Offers:

If you book two or more services together, you will benefit from the following reductions:

Service Rate (€)
Maternity €30
Any other Headshot photo service €20
Any Portrait photo session €20
Beauty Shots €20
Boudoir €40

(Prices inc. V.A.T.)

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