Portrait Heashots

Headshot portrait photos,where the focus is mainly your upper body part (i.e. you head/face or body  from waist up).
This will generally be understood up in the initial session meeting (or emails) we have a few days before the session or during a session but if a portrait session is going on, it can be asked for too.

Generally headshots are used as a house photo, in social media or for a person’s portfolio image.

For female clients, I would also see if the pic would be used for because elements from Glamour or Fashion photography can be used to produce the effect desired.

A Portrait Headshot session is normally from 30 minutes to 1 hour long. The total time taken depends on number of looks however.

Portfolio Discount

On total booking cost



If asked for separate from a portrait shoot
  • Session Time
    45Min - 1Hr
  • 20 photos chosen by yourself processed
  • All other unprocessed photos
  • Free Basic Retouching
  • €5/Photo Advanced Retouching or Background Change
  • The photos are given for free by Email or on USB
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For another booked service
  • On any other photo service booked
  • The reduction is applicable when booking another photographic service with this one
  • The reduction can also be used up to 10 days after receiving your photos with the given booking code given when this service is booked
  • Although the reduced photo service would need to be booked by yourself, the service booked can be for a partner or friend
(Prices inc. V.A.T.)
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