Actor Headshots

Aldo uses communicative techniques to capture what is unique about you and the character you would like to show to castors, directors or photo viewers.

Many times actors need a headshot photo particular to the role they are applying for.

They also ask for a set of headshots to show the different characters they can portray.

We all have gestures and expressions that are unique to us and the technique I use, helps to bring these out.

Occasionally, people also use one of their actor headshot pic to use in their Facebook profile picture.

During the session, Aldo will help you to bring out the ‘look’ (via expression and body language) to portray the character you would like to give to a casting person, director or to any photo viewer.

What can be expected?

What you can expect from such a session is that from the moment you enter the AldoPics studio, Aldo will being to make you feel comfortable and engage you in conversation. Aldo will help draw the requested expressions and character from you. If you would like a serious headshot (for a role that requires a serious character), Aldo will crate such a situation so you would become so.

At all time though, we enjoy the photography session, where we create a friendly good mood/vibe during the session, which is one of the reasons why you would look better in the photos taken than you thought you would.
AldoPics is known to be very good at making you feel relaxed and comfortable, and to help you draw expressions and emotions for great actor headshot photos.

Aldo’s psychology background and continued interest helps a lot too.

Your job is to turn up and have fun and be silly with Aldo.

It’s not about just being serious all the time, but to focus on what you’d like to express but always to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Photography Style

The photography style while taking Actor Headshots can be described as:

  • Based on the Lifestyle Photography Style
  • Very Communicative
  • Bring out the character you would like to show a photo viewer.

Other Info (Shoot Duration)

An Actor headshot session (for one look) takes about 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the number of changes and looks asked for.

Generally what one wears and other tips will be provided by Aldo, after booking a session and a few days before the photo shoot by email.


Drastic clothing changes or makeup adjustment which take longer than 5 minutes (or more) for the changes will fall under the multiple looks rate.

Service Rate (€)
1 look requested €80
Multiple Looks €50 for 1st look

€40 for each other look
Basic Retouching Free
Advanced Retouching or Background Change €5/Photo

A total of 20 photos will be given on a USB stick (free) or sent to you by email.
With the multiple looks version, you will be able to choose up to 20 photos for each look.

Reduction Offers:

If you book two or more services together, you will benefit from the following reductions:

Service Rate (€)
Maternity photo service €30
Any Portrait photo session €20
Beauty Shots photo service €20
Boudoir €40

Booking at same time, shoots can be on different days
(Prices inc. V.A.T.)

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