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Fine-art photos are about telling a story, a memory, color, theme or tale . For fine-art compositions, Aldo would would need to understand the idea and concept behind the shoot and final images.

What to expect from such a session?

From a fine-art photo session, the photo shoot and story depends on that you would like to tell with the images.

Photography Style

In Fine-Art photography, the AldoPics photographic style is mainly Artistic. As with all photographic services Aldo offers, he’s always mainly communicative.
  • Is based on an Artistic photography style
  • Very Communicative

Fine-art Service Cost & Time

Initial meeting time usually is 30-45 minutes long. The final photography time will always depend on what is agreed in the meeting. Aldo has have made images where the photos were taken in the same location, so the time taken wouldn’t be long and there were others where a separate location was visited for each shot. The service fee is €180 and include processing/editing or composition time for up to 5 images and a shooting time of up to 1.5 to 2.5 hours. If more time would be needed, an extra cost of €20 per extra hour would then be paid.
Service Rate (€)
Fine-Art Service €180
(Prices inc. V.A.T.)

Reduction Offers:

If you book two or more services together, you will benefit from the following reductions:

Any Headshots photo service€35
Any Portrait photo shoot€40
AldoPics: Beauty Shot photo shoot€40
Boudoir €100
Please add 18% to final price

When is payment due?

After the fine-art idea has been discussed, and a time estimate is made. The session fee will be due for when session is booked.
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