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Maltese Portrait Photographer


Women Fashion Portraits

Although Fashion photography photography isn’t very common in Malta, I still have knowledge of the style mainly for use to enhance portrait session pics.
Generally Fashion contrasts with glamour photography as the poses/movements for the styles vary and have different reasons. For example, glamour photography techniques are to enhance certain features or aspects of a woman. Fashion photography on the other hand look to enhancing an aspect of the worn clothing or jewellry. Movements in fashion photography are a bit more dramatic too.
For more information on Female Portraits it is be to read the session information I have on my Women Portraits page.
The photography style and rates are the same as for the Female Portraits service as the Fashion can be included in the portraits sessions. It always depends on what you’d like and it will be discussed in our initial meeting.
Sometimes a client might think that they need a fashion-based shoot or glamour-based shoot while in reality through our discussions, we will find out that another type of service is needed (according to photography style & type standards).
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