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Maltese Portrait Photographer


AldoPics Female Portraits

Aldo Cauchi Savona has knowledge on how to work with his female client and help her relax. Aldo knows what talk about to make her relaxed and what can make her feel uncomfortable. I also know what to say to help her forget a camera is in-front of her.

Session Start

As with most other photography services, such a session ideally starts a few days earlier where I speak with you. Get to know you and your character, what you like and such. In the initial meeting, I would also get to know what look you would like to have and why you are having the portraits.

Women Portrait Photo Session

Women portrait photo sessions can be held in my photo studio or outside in natural light (or darkness – for a chiaroscuro look). Where it will be held will be discussed and agreed in our first meeting.


During portrait photo shoot for you Aldo can also take some headshots for you. If you would only like headshots, you can wear what you please as your body won’t be included much in the shot so the clothing, design and colour will not be too intrusive/distracting.

Photography Style

My Portrait photography style for Female Portraiture is
  • Based on an Lifestyle Photography Style
  • Very Communicative
  • Will always do best to help enhance a female aspect you would like to show or your character.
    • For women this usually is how to enhance the curves of her waist and hips
    • I also can give advice that would make her look thinner (works with men and women). On this aspect my knowledge of lighting also comes into play.
Book the Beauty Shots Service with this service for only €10 (ex. VAT)
Book the Boudoir service, with this service, for a €10-30 price reduction.

(Please add 18% V.A.T. to final price)
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