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You don’t need the physical beauty of a model to get a photo portraying beauty. Everybody has beauty inside of them. Your beauty is brought out from the interaction with Aldo. In an AldoPics photo session, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere is created where your personal vibrant character comes out. With positive emotions and comfort, your true beauty is portrayed.   

A Boudoir Session

As with other services, if Aldo can meet you a day or two before the shoot to discuss the shoot, it would be better so both will be prepared for the shoot. You will also have time to prepare what we discuss. A meeting to discuss a boudoir session usually takes about 10-20 minutes and can be done at the AldoPics home studio location or at a coffee shop. In a meeting, Aldo would also have the chance to get to know your character and likes beforehand which helps a lot too. We will also discuss what to wear or to bring with you for the photo shoot. The AldoPics boudoir photography style is more of an artistic perspective. While in many an artistic nude style is used to deliver what is asked for, no private body parts are shown in full-view or explicitly in the photo. (Of course, at the end of the day the photos would be for you, so if you’d like to have photos where your full nudity is shown, it will also be done).

Why boudoir?

Taking boudoir has nothing to do with having photos taken while you are naked (although having these types of photos is possible, and if so, it would be better to speak about the photos before, so Aldo would know what you comfortable in such a situation). Boudoir photography exists to capture the beauty of a woman that agrees with her idea of what is beautiful and what is sensual. Aldo’s ideas of what is sensual, most likely, has little to do with your view. For this reason, so Aldo’s first job is to understand you. This is so during the shoot Aldo will bring out what you like about yourself. AdoPics brings out your true character, energy and true beauty in the photos taken for you or to give as a present to someone else (like in Bridal Boudoir). A boudoir session takes between one to two hours. The shoot takes longer than other types of shoots due to the alteration of lighting and clothing changes you would like to do. Commonly, boudoir shoots are generally done indoors in the AldoPics photo studio. However, it can also be done at your place of your convenience, like in your home or in a hotel room. The purpose of such a photo shoot is to capture your femininity and your beauty. AldoPics always brings out your natural and real inner beauty in photos taken of you. While good technique can help a lot (like the nature & direction of lighting has a lot of effect on how much face wrinkles and shadows come out which can make you look older or younger), technique is not everything. While there are many great photographers out there, and many have excellent technique, though technique isn’t everything.

What if You’re not comfortable in front of the camera?

AldoPics rarely use posing as Aldo doesn’t like photos where you probably will be and look tense and stiff. Many times, posing can make you feel unhappy or uncomfortable for one reason or another during the shoot. Through Aldo’s communication, he directs and guides you and helps you to keep your energy uplifted in a relaxed, fun environment where the best in you is always brought out. Aldo will always aim to make you feel comfortable, happy in front of the camera and help you to forget about it.

Should I be naked?

Boudoir photos don’t necessarily need to be taken while you are in the nude. Generally, nudity is implied rather than explicit or direct. Boudoir photos can also be taken while you still have your clothes on and your private parts well covered. Also, you don’t need to wear anything that is super sexy or sensual. The idea of the shoot is to capture while you are feeling comfortable and enjoying yourself. And what is ‘sexy’ or ‘sensual’ won’t come from Aldo, but from you, as the photos are for you. It is just a misconception that when having a boudoir photo taken, it means that one likes to be seen in a sexy pose, in the nude.

Fine-Art Nude or Censored Nude photos

AldoPics also has the experience, knowledge and etiquette to take Fine-Art Nude or Censored Nude photos. In these photo styles, nothing is ever explicit. Fine-Art Nude photos is about artistically exploring the body photographically (like to get muscles or body curves to show more) and taking bodyscapes. Censored Nude photos are when you would be nude but before a photo is taken (through etiquette) and while the photo is taken private parts are cover and hidden (through movements you do).

Before the shoot

Ideally, the night before or some hours before the shoot you don’t get drunk or go heavy on the alcohol as doing so will not help a you to stay relaxed.

What does AldoPics do?

Through the photos delivered in this service, Aldo will give you the confidence in yourself that you deserve. Also, when viewing the photos, the reason you are doing something won’t be immediately obvious and the photo will create intrigue towards you. Aldo’s task during such a session is mainly to make you feel and look good and be comfortable with yourself and body. Of course, his knowledge of lighting and retouching also help. For example, Aldo can suggest certain movements and adapt the lighting in a certain way so if you would like to look slimmer in the photos.
Aldo knows and feels that there is plenty of sensuality and beauty in every woman in this world! Many boudoir ideas, like positions to make the desired body part look better or to make you more comfortable with the camera or yourself, are also applied to some extent when Beauty Shots are taken. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose or aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. The main thing Aldo does is to make you enjoy yourself, have fun, forget the camera and be comfortably yourself through his interaction & communication. Enjoying yourself creates photos where you can look better than a model!

Lighting & Retouching

  While in general, Aldo only minimally retouches the photos to get the lighting perfect, Aldo likes to leave a photo as close to reality as possible. However, for this service retouching and body alterations is generally asked for. Aldo adapts the lighting and suggest movements so as to bring out what you would like to portray. Not everything needs to be done via retouching and Aldo prefers to have photos looking natural rather than edited. Of course sometimes only with retouching what the client would like can be done. For example, Aldo was once asked by a woman to make it look like she had bigger breasts in the photo. (Aldo doesn’t do and is not interested in plastic surgery 🙂 ). Aldo will always evoke happy emotion from you, thus converting any vulnerability you might have into strength.  


Service Rate (€)
Photo session €160
Genaral Retouching Free
Advanced or Commercial Retouching €5/Photo

A Boudoir photo session take from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on clothing and makeup changes that you would like during the session.

After a Session you will get you all raw photos with 30 processed photos.
For each hour, you get 15 photos (15 photos per hour)
Extra photos can be requested at €3 per additional photo.

Reduction Offers:

If you book two or more services together, you will benefit from the following reductions:
Service Rate Reduction (€)
Any Portrait photo shoot €20
Any Headshots photo service €30
Beauty Shots €60
Maternity photo shoot €60
(Prices inc. V.A.T.)
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