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Bodoir Photography service

You don’t need the physical beauty of a model to get a photo portraying beauty. Everybody has beauty inside of them.

Boudoir photography exists to capture the beauty of a woman that agrees with your idea of what is beautiful and what is sensual. Aldo’s first job is to understand you and this is so during the shoot Aldo will bring out what you like about yourself.

In the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere an AldoPics photo session creates, your personal vibrant character comes out creating positive emotions and comfort so your true beauty is portrayed.


The Reason

Doing boudoir has nothing to do with having photos taken while you are naked.

Boudoir photography exists to capture the beauty of a woman that agrees with your idea of what is beautiful and what is sensual. For such a session, my first job is to understand you before and during the shoot Int this way, I will bring out what you like about yourself.

A boudoir session takes between one to two hours.

Commonly, boudoir shoots are taken at your home, in a hotel or in the AldoPics photo studio.


Your Goal

Should I be naked?

Boudoir photos don’t necessarily need to be taken while you are in the nude. Generally, nudity is implied rather than explicit or direct. Also, you don’t need to wear anything that is sexy or sensual, only if think such clothes suit you and would like a photo in clothing YOU find sensual.

It is just a misconception that when having a boudoir photo taken, it means that one likes to be seen in a sexy pose, in the nude.

The idea of the shoot is to capture you feeling comfortable and enjoying yourself so as to show your character and beauty that we all have.

Fine-Art Nude or Censored Nude photos

Having said that Boudoir has little to do with being in the nude, I do have the experience, knowledge and etiquette to take Fine-Art Nude or Censored Nude photos. In these photo styles, nothing is ever explicit. As it’s my goal to always make you feel happy with yourself and what you are comfortable with, photography of a woman with little or no clothing is a photography style that I also do.

Fine-Art Nude photos is about artistically exploring the body photographically (like to get muscles or body curves to show more) and taking bodyscapes.



My goal is to give you the confidence in yourself that you deserve and to create intrigue towards you. I work to make you feel, not only so technically you look good, be comfortable with yourself and your body. Of course, his knowledge of lighting and retouching help, but as with other AldoPics photography, my goal is to raise your energy level (vibes).

 I know that there is plenty of sensuality and beauty in every single woman in this world!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose or aren’t comfortable in front of a camera.

The main thing I do is to be silly making you enjoy yourself, have fun, forget the camera and be comfortably yourself through my interaction & communication. Enjoying yourself creates photos where you can look better than any model!

Before the session, we will discuss your preferences and clothing which will help during the photo session. We will also talk about what makeup and clothing to bring with you for the photo shoot.

The Camera

Not comfortable in front of a camera?

I don’t like or use static posing as you (and even models) will most likely and look tense and stiff. Through my communication, I will direct and guide you to  perform a movement and help you to keep your energy uplifted in a relaxed, fun environment where the best in you is always brought out.

I will always aim to make you feel comfortable, happy in front of the camera and help you to forget about my camera.

I will always seek to evoke a happy emotion from you, thus converting any vulnerability you might have into strength.

Lighting & Retouching

My Focus is You as you are

While I generally only minimally retouch the photos so as to get the lighting perfect and reduce any wrinkles or shadows, I like to leave a photo as close to reality as possible.

However, for this service retouching and body alterations is occasionally asked for.

I would find ideally this out before the shoot itself, so I adapt the lighting and suggest movements so as to bring out what you would like to portray. Not everything needs to be done via retouching and I prefer to have the photos in a natural state rather than being edited.

Of course, sometimes, only with retouching what you would like can be done. For example, I was once asked by a woman to make it look like she had bigger breasts her photos, which I did via Adobe Photoshop to look natural. (I don’t do and am not interested in plastic surgery 🙂 ).

Aldo really knows how to show on his shoots your beauty just not from outside also from inside of you. At the same time you have fun while the shooting is taken just to thanks to Aldo for making it happen.

Laura Escribano Navarro

Portfolio Discount

On total booking cost

Boudoir Photo Session

Making you comfortable with yourself
  • Session Time
    2-3 Hours
  • Free Basic Editing/Retouching
  • All un-edited photos
  • A Boudior photo session time is 1.5hrs to 3hrs
  • 20 Chosen Retouched Photos
  • Additional Photos to be Retouched can be selected at €3/photo
  • The photos are given for free by Email or on USB
  • Advanced/Commercial retouching, like body reshaping, at €5/photo

Booking Reductions

For another booked service
  • On any other photo service booked
  • The reduction is applicable when booking another photographic service with this one
  • The reduction can also be used up to 10 days after receiving your photos with the given booking code given when this service is booked
  • Although the reduced photo service would need to be booked by yourself, the service booked can be for a partner or friend

Had a fun time shooting with Aldo!

He  is very kind and easy to work with, and I appreciated that he took my ideas and requests into consideration when planning the shoot but also added his own creative ideas and twist. 🙂

Ashley B

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