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Beauty Shots - AldoPics

Beauty Shots is a style of photography that is mainly catered for women.
While taking photos for you, I bring out emotion and make you comfortable with who you are. I convert vulnerability into empowerment.
In my beauty shots, I don’t just deliver photos, but I deliver confidence.

Photography Style

When it comes to beauty shots, the photographic style is mainly using the Artistic Photography Style. Generally in these shots I give much more advice and hints than I do in other photography sessions. This in done in the sense that I will always try to ensure that a position/movement has been done correctly and the person I’m taking the photos of is relaxed.
My knowledge on how to beautifully frame a woman in the shot and bring out her facial features, or what positions/movements to do take/do to appear slimmer (without any photo editing!) or how to get her curves enhanced would be told to my client at the right moment.
I will evoke emotion from you to produce unique photos that will tell the story you’d like to tell.

In beauty shots, I also use some techniques, principles and ideas I got from other areas of photography I know, like my boudoir knowledge. Certain techniques, like to make you feel more comfortable with yourself, to be comfortable and relaxed I use in all types of photo services.


In general, I do not retouch the photos as I would like to create a photo as close to real as possible. Certain small blemishes like sun burns (or untanned parts, shoulder like bikini lines) are generally done no problem.
Advanced Retouching
Advanced or Commercial Retouching can be done if asked for. Such retouching always takes time and incurs an extra cost too per photo. This is normally asked for when a photo will be used in a magazine or in a high-quality advert/poster.


The following rates are charged for Beauty Shots.
Different looks are generally requested for studio Beauty Shot photography. This is when you would like to change clothing during the session (as in changing much more than wearing or removing a prop) or having some photos taken in high-key mode or low-key mode as changing the studio to provide such a photo style would require lighting and background changes which take time.

ServiceRate (€)
no particular look requested or only one look.€30
Multiple Looks€25 for 1st look
€10 for each other look
Basic RetouchingFree
Advanced or Commercial Retouching€5/Photo

Book a Business Headshots or an Actor Headshots service with the Beauty Shots service for only an extra €10
Book the Boudoir service for a €10-30 price reduction.

(Please add 18% V.A.T. to final price)
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