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Beauty Shots is a style of photography that is generally for women.
While taking photos for you, I bring out emotion and make you comfortable with who you are.
I convert vulnerability into empowerment.

Through an AldoPics beauty shot photo shoot you will gain confidence in yourself.

Photography Style

When it comes to beauty shots, the photographic style is mainly using the Artistic Photography Style.
Generally Aldo will give advise for these shots, in the sense that he will always try to ensure that what you do, which aspects of yourself you like or don’t and the pics taken are what you’d like.
More importantly, Aldo will always evoke emotion from you and to help to bring out your inner Venus and give good energy (or vibes), during the photo shoot, to produce unique photos and make you look authentic.

During Beauty Shots Aldo can also use techniques from his boudoir knowledge and techniques, to help make you feel more comfortable with yourself the environment.
Many times, when AldoPics female clients see the photos taken for them, they tell Aldo that can’t believe it is them, because they look much better in the photos and thought it was possible.
Aldo knows, feels and understands that in beauty shots, beauty does not only come from physical beauty or technique, but mainly from the energy (vibes) that you give during the photo shoot and fun you are having.
During an AldoPics Beauty Shot photo shoot, Aldo always aims to create a relaxed, fun and comfortable environment.
The aim of AldoPics is not only to sell you good photos, but to give you the great experience that you won’t get from another place and so that in the photos, you would be natural, comfortable and look fabulous.
If desired and asked for, certain elements or boudoir photography can be included
on cost, see below


In general, Aldo will only slightly retouch the photos as he would like to give you a photo, as close to the real you, as possible.
Certain small blemishes like wrinkles, sun burns (or untanned parts like shoulder like bikini lines) are generally always smoothed if needed.
Advanced Retouching
Advanced or Commercial Retouching can be done if asked for. Such retouching always takes time and incurs an extra cost too (charged by the hour).
This extra service is normally asked for when a photo taken will be used in a magazine or in a high-quality advert/poster.


The following rates are charged for Beauty Shots.
Different looks can be and are usually requested for studio Beauty Shot photography.
This is when you would like to change clothing during the session (as in changing much more than wearing or removing a prop) or have make major make-up change.

ServiceRate (€)
Beauty Shot Session (choosing 20 photos).€40
21+ photos€2.50/photo
Basic RetouchingFree
Advanced or Commercial Retouching€5/Photo

During the photo session, more than 20 photos are normally taken and you choose up to 20 photos.
Additional photos can however be requested at at extra cost of €2.50 per extra photo after the first 15 are selected.

Reduction Offers:

If you book two or more services together, you will benefit from the following reductions:

A Headshots photo service€20
Boudoir €30
Any Portrait€30
Please add 18% to final price
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