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AldoPics can take different types of female photography, with a fashion photography flair or glamour photography (like beauty shots) and Boudoir.

Beauty/Glamour & Fashion Photography

Aldo knows about communication and human psychology during photography. Aldo applies his experience and knowledge of psychology via his photography communication. (However, I’m not a psycho analyst or can not solve your personal problems 🙂 ) AldoPics will make you feel relaxed and calm during the before and during the photo shoot. Even if you think that you don’t look good in photos, Aldo’s technique and photography style always brings out the best in a person. Aldo brings out your character so the photo always tells a story while showing your character in the photo. This makes the photographic story more believable. Below is a photo of a woman, which AldoPics had taken who had told Aldo that she never comes out looking good in photos. AldoPics - Female portrait Quite a few people are like her and think they don’t come out looking good in photos. However, when you having fun and are enjoying yourself, most stiffness and all tension disappears making you visually look much more beautiful. (And beauty is not just physical or technical) Ideally, before a portrait photo session, Aldo will first meet with you, talk about what you like and don’t about photos, yourself in photos and other related things as knowing you always helps.

Photography Style

During a portrait photo session, Aldo will draw on his experience in portraiture, lighting, glamour, fashion and fine-art.
  • The AldoPics photography is based on an LifeStyle Photography Style
  • As always, Very Communicative
  • Lighting is also taken into Consideration
  • Brings out your character in the photos to create truly unique photo for you.

Session Types

Following are the different styles you can have during a female portrait session::

Portrait Session Information

Initial Meeting

Ideally, a meeting is held before the photo session. When you meet with Aldo, apart from getting to know you better and the main reason for the photo shoot, you will agree on a location and he will explain how he conducts his portrait sessions. You will also discuss what is good for to wear for the portraits. You would also discuss day & time and if any editing should be done. (Like hide a scar or reduce the visibility of skin spots).

When is payment due?

Payment is due before the shoot, or latest, on the day of the shoot before it starts.  

Portrait Rates

Service Rate (€)
Portrait Photography Service €70-90
Maternity €60
Studio Beauty Shot Service €40
Boudoir Service €40
Basic Retouching Comes with service cost
Advanced Retouching or Background Change €5/Photo
Fine-Art compositing (editing) €5/Photo
Photos By Email Free
Photos on a CD €2 (picked-up at AldoPics studio)
Photos on a Album Depends on Album chosen & number of photos to print

A photo session can take between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Per hour, you will get 15 photos by email (free) or on CD (€3 charge)

You can also book different sessions at the same time for the following price reductions:

Service Rate (€)
Beauty Shots photo service €20
Boudoir €40
Any Portrait €40
While the booking at same time, the actual shoots can be on different day/times (Prices inc. V.A.T.)
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