Female Photography

AldoPics takes different types of female photography, with a fashion photography flair or in a glamour photography style (like Beauty shots) and Boudoir.

Female Portraits

Photos outside or in studio with a fashion or glamour flair
Photos to express your charter together
A pleasant and relaxing atmosphere is created where your personal vibrant character comes out creating positive emotions and comfort so your true beauty is portrayed.


I know about psychology and can understand your behavior during photography.  I apply my experience and knowledge of psychology via my communication and how I direct you during a photo shoot .

I always provide direction when necessary, but in a way that always keeps you feel relaxed, calm and have good energy (vibes) before and during the photo shoot which how a person’s beauty comes out.


Your look

This woman, had told me that she never comes out looking good in photos.
Even if you think that you don’t look good in photos, my  technique and photography style will always help to brings out the best in you and your natural character so a photo always tells a story about you while showing your character in the photo. 

Quite a few people, are like her, male or female, think they don’t come out looking good in photos. However, when you having fun and are enjoying yourself, all stiffness and tension vanishes and makes you visually look much more beautiful. (And beauty does not come out only from physical beauty or technical expertise)


The Photo Shoot

Photography Style

During a portrait photo session, I draw on my experience in portraiture, lighting, glamour, fashion and fine-art.

  • The AldoPics photography is based on an LifeStyle Photography Style
  • Am always, very Communicative
  • However, positioning, composition and lighting is also taken into consideration
  • As I bring out your character in the photos, a unique photo is created for you.

Session Information

Ideally, a meeting is held before the photo session. Apart from getting to know you better and knowing the reason for the photo shoot, we will agree on a location and will explain how I will conduct the photo session. 

Such information can also be communicated via e-mail if preferred.

Portfolio Discount

On total booking cost


For the different female Photo Shoots

Female Portraits


Beauty Shots or Glamour

Studio, Home or Outdoors


or Maternity


or Fine-Art Nude Photos

(prices inc. V.A.T.)

When is payment due?

A 20% deposit is required to confirm the order and shoot date. The remain amounts is due after the shoot, that same day.

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  1. Tracy Stellini

    Aldo is a true professional, had a lot of fun and felt very comfortable throughout the whole shoot experience. Definitely would recommend.

  2. Юлианна Шевченко

    Its amazing, kind person which i already know. Shooting was great. He is very professional . I wait our pictures already. Atmosphere was great . Wanna work again. Recommended .

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