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Business Headshot - AldoPics

Aldo has particular knowledge on how to work with his client(s) to bring out the business character they would like to give their fellow colleagues or potential employers. While business headshots are mainly taken for work purposes, I taken business headshots for clients who wanted to include their headshot in their LinkedIn profile or for giving with their C.V. or to use on facebook.
People use Business Headshots to show the photo viewers their character and show that they are capable of what they are saying about themselves.

Work or Company Business Headshots

Aldo can come to your workplace if asked to do so and can take headshot photos of all employees at the company. For this a special day rate has been created which will be given by email if asked for through my contact form. Other photography services can also be provided to companies if asked for. For example, a company when I was asked to take headshots of the company Employees and before I started the owner had asked me if I could take a group shot of a team in the company for the company. I was later asked for hi-res un-watermarked versions of the photos I had taken for a company by the owner, who a few days later told me that most of the headshot photos were printed along with the team group photo which was hung on a wall next where the team sits.


My aim is always to bring out the character you would like to portray in your headshot photos.
I’m rather communicative during such a session and I will also provide you with tips while taking the photos to bring out the character you would like to give to photo viewers.

Photography Style

One can describe my photography style for Business Headshots as follows:
  • Based on an artistic photography style
  • Very Communicative
  • Will always do best to help you bring out the character you would like to show a photo viewer.


ServiceRate (€)
Business Headshot Session€30
Basic RetouchingFree
Advanced Retouching or Background Change€5/Photo
Same day delivery€3
for each set of 4 Photos
On-site viewing & choosingFree
(At Studio only)
Book the Beauty Shots Service with the Business Headshots service for only €15 (ex. VAT)
Book the Boudoir service, with this service, for a €10 price reduction.

Men can book the portraits session (also taken in the studio) for only €15 (ex. VAT).
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