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AldoPics Actor or Business Head Shots

Business headshots

Aldo can not only take headshot photos when taking portraits or beautyshots and his knowledge is not only limited as such. Aldo had lessons from two people who Specialize in headshots. One tutor took the business headshots for all employees at Microsoft in L.A. More about my Business Headshots service →.

Actor headshots

Peter Hurley, one of my tutor, was an actor/model before he started taking headshot photos and he knew what the film industry wanted to see and thought them in his lessons. From him I learnt things to tell people and what sort of headshots casting people want to see. As such I am good at taking actor headshots and also have experience doing so. It is also said that Peter Hurley one of the most successful headshot photographer in the world! Aldo knows how to generate human facial expression and uses specialized techniques to create stunning headshots for his clients. More about my Actor Headshots service →.

General About Headshots

The ideal place to have headshots taken are at his studio where he has adequate furniture for these pics. However, headshots can be taken anywhere and even at the company you work for. If you are part of a company Aldo can come to your office, setup a temporary photography space (in a room) and do a good lighting set up so the headshots of the employees will be taken. On Company Business headshots rates it’s best to contact Aldo and he will send you an Excel sheet with the rates for the headshots and other additional services that can be purchased with it. The sheet also gives a special day rate which is ideal for companies with more than 10 employees.

While taking headshots for women, my knowledge of glamour photography & fashion photography (like beauty shots) is very often used (in the way to enhance what she likes about herself).

Headshot Photography Style

My photography style for headshots can be noted as follows:
  • Based on the Artistic photography style
  • Mainly Communicative (90% is communication, still the other 10%, like lighting setup, I also know very well)
  • Lighting is always taken into Consideration
  • I bring out the character you would like to show to a photo viewer.

Headshot Session Information

Initial Meeting

An initial meeting is usually preferred and held before the photo session. This is done so I can explain my method, what’s good to wear for the session and to get to know you better. It is not 100% necessary but would make the actually photo-shoot faster and more adequate for your needs.

What to expect?

Most of the session is 90% communication and most clients said that they came out looking better, in the photos I showed/gave them, than they ever though they could be.
An Actor or Business headshot session takes about 30 – 45 minutes.
However if the headshot is part of a Beauty Shot Session more time will be needed and in such cases, the time needed always depends on the photos you would like.
Through communication and interaction with you, I can draw the requested expressions and character from you.

What to wear for the Business Head Shot session?

What one wears really depend on the reason for the service and will be discussed and agreed upon during the initial meeting.

What can the photos be seen & chosen?

At my studio, the photos can normally be seen and chosen after the photo session. If multiple clients (like for a company headshot photo session) are booked after each other, one would need to wait until the next client is ready or I will email you the photos that or the next day.
For an individual, the pics will be ready within a day or two. This generally will be agreed during the initial meeting and also will depend on the number of looks and if additional editing is asked for. In the case of company headshots, the time taken will of course, depend on the number of employees and if any additional services are requested.

When is payment due?

Payment is due on the day of the shoot, before the shoot.

Session Types

Following is a list of the different types of headshots sessions (or looks) that can be taken:


The following rates are for individual headshots. If you would like the rates for a company, please contact me. Drastic clothing changes or makeup adjustment where I would need to wait at least for 5 minutes (or more) for the changes will fall under the multiple looks rate.

ServiceRate (€)
1 look requested like a Business or Actor headshot only.€30
Multiple Looks€25 for 1st look
 €10 for each other look
Basic RetouchingFree
Advanced Retouching or Background Change€5/Photo
Same day delivery€3
for each set of 4 Photos
On-site viewing & choosingFree
(At Studio only)

The cost covers 20 photos. Extra photos can be selected and requested but each extra photo will be charged at €2.50 per extra photo.
Book the Beauty Shots Service or a Boudoir service with a Headshot service a €20 reduction on the final price (ex. VAT)

Men can book the studio portraits session (also taken in the studio) for only €15 (ex. VAT).
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