Freelance Portrait Photographer

Aldo Cauchi Savona is Maltese Freelance photographer.

Portrait Photographer

Portrait Photography Shoots

There are different types of portrait photography shoots Aldo specialises In. These are:

Different styles, a common Theme

While AldoPics does different types of portrait photography in Malta an Gozo, they all have one common theme that Aldo focuses on.

My focus is to always bring out your real character and beauty while you are having a good time so that you would give good energy (vibes) and express your emotions to who is looking at you photo.

Abroad from October-November

I am abroad from 8th October to 12th November for what was going to be  a short holiday, but then a company in that country has aked me for pics, including business headshots, products and exhibition photos.

I can still be contacted by email or via this site’s page Contact form.

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