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Meet Aldo

Aldo Profile Aldo Cauchi Savona
Freelance Maltese Photographer  
  Aldo creates images of people that shows their character (or the character they’d like to show) through interaction and communication.
Importantly, Aldo brings out emotion from you while he takes the photos and makes you comfortable with who you are. He also knows how to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Aldo knows that Boudoir photography is not only about physical beauty and only that delivers good looks in photos, but also character and that you are enjoying yourself.
Aldo has been taking photos and providing different services as needed for about 11 years. In the last 6 years, he has been offering professional photography and even studio photography. His main knowledge, experience and success is in PEOPLE related photos. Particularly, He knows how to take Business Headshots and different female photography (like Beauty Shots and Boudoir/Sensual photos).
So what makes Aldo Pics stand out from the rest?

Aldopics is about capturing memories or events for clients. I go outside the confines of traditional portrait photography. I use cool props and interesting ‘poses’ (mentioning posing, I actually use Anti-Posing).

I don’t just sell photos. Anybody can do that and now-a-days buying a good camera is easy. What I deliver is something you wont get from anywhere else.
I deliver good emotion, experience and confidence in yourself.
My photos always tell a good photographic story about your character or what the story you would like to tell people.
  Aldo Pics (or Aldo Photos) belongs to Aldo Cauchi Savona who is freelance Maltese photographer. As a freelance photographer, the services come with the lowest possible cost.

While nearly everyone can take a photo yet people sometimes need professional quality to show to an important audience. For this reason, people will want to be seen in their very best.
AldoPics focuses not only on giving a high-quality & technically good photo but on bringing out the client’s unique character which is what makes a photo outstanding.
  type of photography
Photography is not simply the act of picking up a camera, pointing it at something and pressing the shutter button. Nowadays, many people have a camera and anybody can take a photo. Although most professional photographers are good in lighting and technique but to me a photo is not only about lighting and technique. It is more on the execution and on the approach taken so that the photo will transmit a good story. I approach my client(s) in a certain way to do my best not to distract them, keep the photos natural and bring out their character and to stimulate further thought in whoever is seeing the photo.
One can say that professional photography is 90% communication and 10% technique. This does not mean that I only know how to talk and blah blah. Even if it’s only 10%, I am still very good on the technical aspect too.

What benefits my clients receive from my services:
  • Passionate Photography,
  • Intelligent Approach,
  • Talent and experienced in portrait photos,
  • Ability to use different photographic styles based on the occasion/session,
  • Specialization in Portrait, Group, Pets & Family Photography
  • Specializing in different female portraits (like Beauty Shots/Glamour & Fashion),
  • Business Headshot photography,
  • Fine-Art

Photos that reflect your character

Part of my university degree involved psychology. This is probably why I believe in and do my best to understand a person’s character and express it through the photos.
I know of good photography positions, techniques and lighting effects. But anyone with a brain can learn these.
What makes a photo a truly unique and an authentic piece of art is that it describes the character of whom I take a photo of.
I do this by getting you to be comfortable with who you are and capture who you really are through communication and interaction.

Does AldoPics Use Posing?

Very few of us are models with knowledge of what one should do to look good and natural. It is good to know that even some models aren’t very good with posing too.

Posing isn’t what many people think it is. Posing is taking a certain position to bring out a characteristic or feature

Ii is good to know that I don’t like or use use posing. Although from the end photos, one thinks I use posing, I don’t.
When I take photos, one can say that I use Anti-Posing as I don’t instruct anybody to do a static pose as most often (even models) will look stiff when taking a static position. I tell you to do something with your arms/hands and body.
Like this, when a photo is taken, as it is a snapshot of time, a posing position would come out where where you look relaxed and good at posing 🙂
Through my communication and interaction I guide and provide suggestions so you look better in a photo.
For example, very often we do not realize that we naturally do certain movements or expressions with our body on certain instances (like what we do & happens to our body when we laugh).
Some of the things that happen are not helpful in a photo and don’t help to portray what we’d like to show. As such, I guide you into certain movements and provide direction.
Through the movements I direct you in doing and interaction I create and capture emotion from you while you enjoy yourself.
However it is good to note that I don’t put any pressure on you to do something you’re not comfortable with.

Photography Start

AldoPics photography Experience
I became involved with the visual arts after following a graphic design course in 2003. From then on, I began to explore the field of photography. My passion lies in the capture and the creation of images that tell stories and say what lies beneath the surface. When I take photos for people, I learn their character and establish a professional relationship with my clients. In this way, their photos are up to date and display their character and passions or the reason why they’d like the photo taken.

Photo Studio

When photos can be requested to be taken a location, I have a photo Studio in upper St. Julian’s Malta. The studio is near the Libyan School. For a more accurate location, you can see Google Map location in the contact page.
Through my studio work, I can cater for most of your needs by creating beautiful shots that will serve the client’s needs.
AldoPics offers an excellent service and flexibility with a personal touch.

Aldo Pics Photography Services

The main photographic services offered by Aldo Pics include –


AldoPics is about creating photos that are always about you. I can also do artistic editing and compositions of the photos if requested. Check out my Fine-Art page for more information on this.    

Editing and Retouching

Many times, basic retouching is always needed to some photos when seen as needed. Basic retouching and giving you monochrome (Black & white) or antique monochrome versions of the photos generally, no extra charge is taken. If additional processing or effects can be asked for, an small extra charge would be asked.
If desired, or if the pic is for a magazine, advanced retouching will be provided.
For Fine-Art Photography, editing and compositing is always necessary and is covered by the service cost.
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