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A Malta Freelance Photographer - I particularly specialize in taking different styles of People & Pet Photography

This People photography Includes
Actor or Business Headshots, Individual, Couple or Group Portraits, Beauty Shots, Fashion shots, Maternity & Pets Photography .

I pride myself in taking different types of an artistic style of Female Photography.
One thing that makes unique is that I don't only think about the Photo technicalities to make a perfect photo. I always do my best to bring out my client(s) character. I believe that communication is much more important than technique.
Aldo Cauchi Savona (AldoPics) takes Headshot Photography for Actors or Work (like for LinkedIn, C.V. Headshots or Company profiles), Couple Portraits or Individual Portraits. Aldo’s main photography style is Artisic photography, this however depends of the photography session and what you would like.

My focus is mainly on people photography. I will make you look good with photos that tell your story.

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Aldo Pics is about capturing memories or events for clients. Aldo Cauchi Savona is a freelence maltese photographer.
More about Aldo and his Photography Style can be read in the Meet Aldo page.

Please note that at the moment, I am not with Chlikk Photography. Also, as as I cannot drive for now I don’t do weddings. Some of the images in my portfolios may have the Chlikk logo as I was part of it’s setup, and used to promote it, but I still had taken those images.


One can contact Aldo through a mobile phone call on +356 77655791 or via email on photos@aldopics.com to sechdule a reserve a session. One can also use the Contact Page/form.
Aldo also has experience and can offer:
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