Making you look Authentic and Unique

Apart from unique photos, AldoPics photo sessions will give you a good experience and memory. AldoPics will
create a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and help you forget there's a camera in front of you


The AldoPics technique results in photos where you will look much better than you ever imagined.
The AldoPics techniques is not about posing but about bringing out the true character of the client.

Business Headshots

Aldo Photos Business Headshot AldoPics business headshot AldoPics business headshot

Bringing out the business character you would like to show to colleagues or employers. I take business headshots for clients so they can have a great headshot photo in their FaceBook or LinkedIn profile or with their C.V.
Business Headshots can also be taken for articles, book or news reasons.


Female Photos

Aldo photo female portrait Aldo photos Beauty Shot headshot Aldo photo female portrait

Experience in taking different types of female photography with different styles. My female portraits can have a fashion flair or have aspects of glamour photography. (Beauty Shots are Glamour photography photos).
I can even take Boudoir photography. AldoPics can keep clients relaxed during such a service.


Beauty Shots

Aldo photo female portrait Aldo photos Beauty Shot headshot Aldo photo female portrait Aldopics beautyshot

This is a style of photography that is taken in a way to allow the beauty of any woman to come out and be captured in a photo.
My beauty shots, aren't just about delivering good photos, but also about delivering joy and confidence and helping clients release good energy at the right time. This would result in making the client look more natural and splendid.



Boudoir photography exists to capture the beauty of a woman in a way that it agrees with her idea of what is beautiful. AldoPics does, is to first and foremost understand you .

Boudoir photography, is not about x-rated photos! It is related to your idea of sensuality. One needs to wear clothing during the photo session that conforms to one's idea of what is sensual or makes one look exotic.

The reason for Boudoir is similar to that of Beauty Shots and Glamour Photography.


Couple Portraits

AldoPics Couple Portrait aldo photo couple/engagement portrait aldo photo couple/engagement portrait Fine-art AldoPics couple portrait

In such a service, I create photos that tell the couple’s story. I will bring out and show the character of the couple together in a way that describes their love for each other. A photographic story can also be created through a series of photos put together to tell your story.



Aldo Photos - fine-art AldoPics - Female Headshot FineArt Aldo Photos - Album cover fine-art pic

Fine-Art photo based images tell an unusual story or bring out something that can’t easily be depicted.
This is a great technique/process to create Album Covers or Book Covers if one is needed.


Pet Photography

AldoPics - Cat and Dog Portrait AldoPics - Dog in Park AldoPics - Cat Portrait

My love for animals and my knowledge of animal behavior comes out when I take photos of pets. Pet photos can be of the pets on their own or taken with a person (or people). They can even be taken in my photo studio.

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