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Natural and artistic
Portraits, group shots, head shots, beauty shots & pets

AldoPics is by Aldo Cauchi Savona, a Maltese Photographer who specialises in the Porftait or Work Headshots, General Individual or couple Portraits, Pets, Beauty Shots or Fashion Photography. Aldo's main style is Artisic photogra, but this mainly depends on the type of photography service given. More about the photographic styles, can be read in the Photographic Styles page.

Some of the photos have my old AldoPics logo, my previous cauchisavona logo or the Chlikk Logo. Chlikk is a photography collective I had organised and started with 2 fellow photographers and was promoting a while ago through which we did Commercial and Wedding Photography. My Wedding and Commercial pics can be seen on the Chlikk site.


Specializing in creating unique, custom and artistic portrait photography for maternity, new-born, children, teen, seniors, family, maternity, couples and pets.

More about Aldo’s Photography can be read in the About AldoPics page.

8 years in photography business Aldo delivers a natural and fun experience that cannot be found elsewhere. If desired, Aldo can process the pics with specialised effects.
For the photos given/delivered, you may choose from having them in true rich colour, in modern trendy effects, in classic monochrome or antique Black and White. Your photos will be cherished for a lifetime.

For a quote Please call 77 655 791 or email to schedule a session!

Below are links to some of the services Aldo offer’s.

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