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Making you look Authentic and Unique

For unique photos, AldoPics photo sessions give you a good memory through a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

AldoPics FineArt Acouple Portrait

The AldoPics technique is a client confirmed technique where you will look much better than you ever imagined in photos.
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Business Headshots

Bringing out the business persona you would like to show to colleagues & employers. Great for LinkedIn, FaceBook or for your Business Résumé. During every photo sessionAldoPics , keeps you comfortable, happy & relaxed to bring out the character you would like to project.

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Female Photos

Aldo offers different types of female photography. These include Portraiture, Glamour or Fashion photography.
The glamour and fashion styles can still be used in portrait photography if the effect of those styles are desired.
AldoPics always knows how to always keep you comfortable, happy, relaxed & natural.

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Beauty Shots/Glamour Photography

Capturing the beauty all women have through a fun and relaxed atmosphere during photo-shoots where she will release good energy (vibes), bringing out her real beauty and inner Venus, while looking natural and splendid in the photos.

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Family Portraits

Bring out the story of your family and you're love for each other.

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Couple Portraits

AldoPics creates photos that tell the couple’s story. Aldo will bring out and show the character of the couple together in a way that describes their love for each other.

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Fine-Art photo based images allow AldoPics to Artistically tell an unusual story or bring out something that can’t easily be depicted in thee real world.
This is a great technique/process to create Album Covers or Book Covers if one is needed.

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Pet Photography

Aldo's innate love for animals and knowledge of animal behavior comes out when Aldo takes photos of or with pets. Pet photos can be can even be taken to the photo studio.

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